My on-page SEO services include on-page analysis and solving issues of meta tags & description, headings & inline CSS, page size, canonicalization, keyword usage, robot.txt, sitemap, Google analytic, site loading time, etc.


Featured On-page SEO Solutions



Keyword Usage:- I will check if your most common keywords are used in your web pages, page title, and meta description.

Site Map:- Sitemaps are an easy way to inform search engines about crawl-able pages of your site; we will check this and will solve the problems.

Canonicalization:- I will test your site for potential URL & IP canonicalization issues, canonical link tag and will solve these issues.



Google Analytics:- I will check if your page is connected with Google Analytics; and will connect if not. It is a good practice to use it in order to learn visitor’s behavior.

Robot.txt:- I will check and solve your robot.txt file issues. If anything prevents your site from the index in search engines; I will edit it so that search engines can easily index your pages.

Site Loading Time:- I will check your web pages HTML size & compression; image sizes, redirects, HTTP requests, etc and will solve these to make your site loading time faster.